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The ERMeCC Digital Research Lab Micro-grants provide a flexible system of researcher-lead digital methods innovation.  Grants are available up to 1.000 euros per ERMeCC researcher (anyone with a research appointment, including PhD students) per annum. There will be two annual proposal deadlines, (15 Aug, 15 Feb). With awardees being notified 1 month after the proposal deadline. 

Before you apply, please note that it required that you upload a document in the 8th step of the application form. In this document, please describe the following points:

  • What are your research project’s goals?
  • How will your project be enhanced by the requested digital tools?
  • Please explain why you have chosen each tool/service over its competitors (particularly if a competing tool is already available) and explain whether and how access to the tool(s) can be shared among ERMeCC researchers

Please save the document as a pdf or doc(x) and upload it below at step 8 of the form.

Application form

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Do you need to install software on the lab computer(s)?
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