ERMeCC Doctoral Dissertations

This page lists all dissertations published by PhD candidates from the Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Culture and Communication. 

Social Media Use, Media Credibility and Online Engagement Among Young Adults in China
Qiong Gong, 2020
Places of co-working. Situating innovation in the creative industries
Yosha van Wijngaarden, 2019
Health Communication Research Among the Chinese Hui Ethnic Minority Group in Shenyang City
Lei Yang, 2019
Citizen Engagement. Politics and Digital Media in Namibia
Sadrag Shihomeka, 2019
Elvis Has Finally Left the Building? Boundary work, whiteness and the reception of rock music in comparative perspective
Julian Schaap, 2019
Musical Topophilia: A critical analysis of contemporary music tourism
Leonieke Bolderman, 2018
Regarding Distant Suffering: Audience engagement with representations of humanitarian disaster
Johannes von Engelhardt, 2018
Authenticity Revisited: The production, distribution, and consumption of independent folk music in the Netherlands (1993-present)
Niels van Poecke, 2017
Playing to win over: validating persuasive games
Ruud Jacobs, 2017
Placing Fandom: Film Tourism in Contemporary Fan Culture
Abby Waysdorf, 2017
The Affordances of Repackaged Popular Music From the Past
Simone Driessen, 2017
Negotiating Normalcy and Difference: Discourses on cultural taste and symbolic boundaries.
Janna Michael, 2017
Reading Suffering. An empirical inquiry into empathic and reflective responses to literary narratives.
Emy Koopman, 2016
Young, Online and Connected.
Marjon Schols, 2015
Popular Music Memories: Places and Practices of Popular Music Heritage, Memory and Cultural Identity.
Arno van der Hoeven, 2014
What Happened to Autonomy? Visual art practices in the creative industries Era.
Anna van Dillen, 2014
The Extended Media Consumer. Online media consumption, production and use in an age of participation.
Mijke Slot, 2013
Kick Back van de Muziekuitgevers: belang en gedrag van een verborgen deel van de creatieve industrie.
Wes Wierda, 2013
Dutch Pop Music is Here to Stay. Continuïteit en vernieuwing van het aanbod van Nederlandse popmuziek 1960-1990.
Olivier van der Vet, 2013
Territorial Factors in a Globalised Art World? The Visibility of Countries in International Contemporary Art Events.
Femke van Hest, 2012
Terms of Enjoyment. Film Classification and Critics' Discourse in Comparative Perspective.
Annemarie Kersten, 2012
Canonieke Icoonfoto's: de rol van (pers)foto's in de Nederlandse geschiedschrijving.
Martijn Kleppe, 2012
The Classification and Consecration of Popular Music: Critical Discourse and Cultural Hierarchies.
Vaughn Schmutz, 2009
Classification into the Literary Mainstream? Ethnic Boundaries in the Literary Fields of the United States, the Netherlands and Germany, 1955-2005.
Pauwke Berkers, 2009
Where Corporate Culture and Local Markets Meet. Music and Film Majors in the Netherlands, 1990- 2005.
Miriam van de Kamp, 2009
Classifications in Popular Music: Discourses and Meaning Structures in American, Dutch and German Popular Music Reviews.
Alex van Venrooij, 2009