Gijsbert Oonk

Jean Monnet Chair for Gijsbert Oonk

Gijsbert Oonk was awarded a Jean Monnet (ad Personam)  Chair on Migration, Citizenship and Identity in September 2019. The Jean Monnet chairs are established by the European Commission as an initiative to promote teaching, research and reflection in the field of European integration studies in higher education institutions. This chair promotes teaching and research in the field of Global History, European Studies and National Identity with a grant of Euro 50.000 for three years.

Project activities

  1. Developing a new course in the International Bachelor of History programme of the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication.
  2. Integrate the course in an online platform to encourage debate and learning tools through blogging.
  3. Teaching the teachers (Euroclio and ICLON)
  4. Integrated in EUROGLO project with Sport and Nation.

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Current projects

History, Sport and Nation

Dr. Oonk is project leader of a new (2016) interdisciplinary research project on History, Sport and Nation, which is titled 'Sport and National Identity: Changing Citizenship and the Global Battle for Talent'. The central research question in this project is: How and why did the number of migrant athletes change over time and how did this shape the debate on the ‘nation’ in the state and citizenship? We will focus on nationality transfers of talented athletes in football and the Olympics. The project solidifies interdisciplinary collaboration between three departments: the Department of History and the Department of Media and Communication as well as the Department of Sociology contribute to this new and innovative project.

History of the Hindu Lohana community

Dr. Oonk is also writing a monography on the ‘globalisation’ of the Hindu Lohana. The history of this community will be described from its origins in current Afghanistan. Their migration and ties with Gujarat (India) will be portrayed in the context of the emergence of a global Lohana community in the twentieth century. Proposed outcome: a monography in 2020.

Former projects

South Asians in Diaspora

This project, funded by the Dutch Foundation of Tropical research (NWO/WOTRO), resulted in a monograph: Settled Strangers: Asian Business Elites in East Africa 1800-2000 (Sage Publication 2013).

Oonk also edited the book Global Indian Diasporas: Exploring Trajectories of Migration and Theory (Amsterdam University Press, 2007). In this volume the contributors critically review the concept of diaspora. This volume is available as an open access publication.


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