Miguel from Ramon Llul University

Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget, so make the most out of it, and do what you really feel like doing.


Ramon Llul University

"I was absolutely amazed by the vibe of the city of Rotterdam! The modern architecture, the river, its size and the citizens make Rotterdam one of the best cities I have ever been in.

After the first crazy week or two of getting used to your new environment you feel extremely comfortable and welcomed everywhere. Rotterdam is a multicultural city, and you can feel it in every single corner of its streets. Something I also loved about the city was how easy it is to move around by bike. We all know The Netherlands is known for biking, but getting used to cycling and moving around with your bike (you must have one) is both relaxing and pleasurable. My experience at Erasmus University Rotterdam was great. The campus itself is already something worth noticing. I don’t know about your home university, but my Faculty in Barcelona is a small building in between large buildings, which doesn’t allow big parks or plazas. EUR campus is super new, open and comfortable – especially during spring, when all students chill near the lake and drink a beer. The lectures are very professional and the general ambience feels just right. The international office is great. Months before your arrival they create a Facebook group in which you will find plenty of useful info and tips. You can also get to know your (maybe) future classmates and stalk their Facebook/Instagram profiles (we all confessed we did it after meeting each other face to face, so feel free to do it). Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience you will never forget, so make the most out of it and do what you really feel like doing. Get out of your comfort zone and explore, talk to people from all over the world (literally) and have fun. There are no words for this experience. I would do it all again." 

Tips and recommendations from Miguel

  • Talk to your IBCoMpanion! They are always excited to help you and meet you when you get there. I ended up becoming great friends with my IBCoMpanion and I got to hang out with her group of friends.
  • The anonymous OV-Chipkaart (public transport card) is the one you need to move around Rotterdam and most of NL.
  • Spend a good amount of time studying all possible lectures so that you can organize your schedule the best way possible, find interesting subjects and possibly match with your friends!
  • Follow @rotterday on Instagram, they will show you the best places to eat and go out. Trust me they are all amazing, and you also get to discover the city thanks to this profile.
  • GET A BIKE! Even if it’s cold outside it is useful, especially at night when public transport stops and you have to go back home from the bar.
  • Find accommodation quickly, and join “Commodity Market Rotterdam” on Facebook.
  • Try to make Dutch friends, they will show you the best of the best. You also get a real taste of the Dutch culture and its people. Try to work with them in class projects instead of sticking to other exchange students.
  • Have fun and don’t be shy, 5 months will feel like nothing!

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