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Eager to study complex behavioural changes in the Netherlands? Study a master in Psychology in the vibrant and dynamic environment of the city of Rotterdam! On this page you will be able to find all the master specialisations we offer in the field of Psychology at the high-ranking Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR). Whatever master track you prefer, Erasmus University Rotterdam will shape you into an all-round professional who is able to put scientific knowledge into practice. Have a look at our master degrees!

  • Brain and Cognition

    Master in Brein en Cognitie: Aandacht, waarnemen, taal, geheugen, kennis, motivatie en emotie. Dit zijn de onderwerpen die aan de orde komen. Lees verder.
  • Clinical Psychology

    Master in Klinische Psychologie: In de master ligt de nadruk op complexe vormen van psychopathologie en staat de wetenschappelijke benadering centraal.
  • Educational Psychology: Learning and Performance

    This master offers an integral approach to current issues in the area of learning performance. You will discover how people learn and perform optimally.
  • Forensic and Legal Psychology

    Master Forensic and Legal Psychology. This specialization focusses on psychological contributions to both forensic and legal contexts.
  • Health Psychology & Digital Interventions

    This master is aimed at forming science-informed practitioners in digital behaviour change.
  • Organisational Dynamics in the Digital Society

    If you’re interested in how digital technologies might reshape how we work, organise, and govern, this new, multidisciplinary master track is the right fit for…
  • Psychology of the Digital Media

    Master Psychology of the Digital Media. This programme focusses on the role of the digital media in human thought and behavior.
  • Work & Organisational Psychology

    Master in Positieve Organisatiepsychologie: Deze opleiding is bestemd voor iedereen met interesse in de psychologie van organisaties, personeel en arbeid.

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