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Joining Forces
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  • Individual campus tour master programmes

    Find out more about the programme of your interest and the campus of Erasmus University Rotterdam via a one on one campus tour with an ambassador.
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  • PhD defence M.A.M. (Mohamed) Nada

    Managing Urban Sprawl: The politics and governance of implementing urban expansion policies in Egyptian cities
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  • ESSB Lustrum Symposium & summer drinks

    Join us on 25 June for the ESSB lustrum symposium & summer drinks to celebrate the 60th anniversary. Look forward to an afternoon of knowledge and inspiration.


Studio Erasmus - Discrimination and exclusion during job application procedures

Discrimination and exclusion occurs during job application procedures. Scientist Janice Odijk has researched this and explains how discrimination in recruitment and selection can be prevented.

Janice Odijk

Claartje ter Hoeven about ghost workers

Ghost Workers are people who use online tasks to make raw data suitable for training AI systems, such as your search engine. Online workers are invisible and elusive, but professor Claartje ter Hoeven is trying to change this with her research.

Impact in Sight - AICON is connection

Student Aki Negate, Farshida Zafar and researcher Moniek Buijzen, along with artists and residents, talk about how they use art to narrow the gap between citizens and Artificial Intelligence.


  • Power and the production of history

    Conversation with Willem Schinkel and Jess Bier on Michel-Rolph Trouillot's book 'Silencing the past'

    podcast Jess Bier

    Listen to the full Podcast here

  • Political science and the myth of leadership

    Conversation with Willem Schinkel and Rogier van Reekum on Cedric Robinson's book The Terms of Order

    podcast Rogier van Reekum

    Listen to the full Podcast here

Joining Forces

To adequately address significant societal challenges, it is necessary to join forces. We are taking a new step forward with our strategy, 'Joining Forces'—a new strategy for impact and innovation.

ESSB offers two fulltime, online master programmes

Student in Library

Agression problem? This is how to fix it in your head

Brain scientist Josanne van Dongen on how brain stimulation can modify the brain to become less aggressive.

Still UvNL josanne van dongen

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