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Meeting the Future Society - ESSB

The Guts of the Neuroscientist: The Brain of Young People & the Power of Intuition

In this Ammodo Doc, neuroscientist Eveline Crone argues that intuition is worth studying and embracing. In her scientific career, her own gut feeling often led her to new insights.

Claartje ter Hoeven about ghost workers

Ghost Workers are people who use online tasks to make raw data suitable for training AI systems, such as your search engine. Online workers are invisible and elusive, but professor Claartje ter Hoeven is trying to change this with her research.

Impact in Sight - AICON is connection

Student Aki Negate, Farshida Zafar and researcher Moniek Buijzen, along with artists and residents, talk about how they use art to narrow the gap between citizens and Artificial Intelligence.

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