Digitalisation in Work and Society

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If you’re interested in how digital technologies might reshape how we work, organise, and govern, this new, multidisciplinary master track is the right fit for you.

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17 June
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The study programme in a nutshell

This master:

  • Provides multiple perspectives and tools to study digital transformation technologies in the changing world of work.
  • Is a new, multidisciplinary master that deals with technologies which have been at the forefront of the popular and academic imagination.
  • Offers professional skill development to work in organisational contexts pervaded with technological innovations.
  • Has dedicated professors from the fields of psychology, sociology, and public administration teaching classes together to offer different viewpoints.
  • Organises field trips to organisations to get an understanding of current developments in the field.
Why this study

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What you will learn

The programme elaborates on questions such as the type of work that is affected by these technologies and how, the kind of perspectives and (in)equalities this brings about and for whom, the ethical and privacy concerns that may rise, and how we might deal with the consequences of these technologies on the individual, organisational, and societal level. It provides you with tools to navigate these issues, to develop your own understanding of them and to be able to advance technological interventions or intervene in them.   

Programme overview

Is this the right programme for you?

Rapid digital transformations, such as artificial intelligence, robotics, and algorithms, change the organisation of work. This raises questions on the individual, organisational, and societal level. For example:

  • How does AI reshape collaboration and communication among employees?
  • Are hierarchical relationships at work restructured by robotisation?
  • Does platformisation influence our understanding of self-employed workers?

The programme provides you with multiple perspectives and tools to study digital technologies in the changing world of work (building on insights from Psychology, Sociology, and Public Administration).

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Career opportunities after graduation

Understanding of how digital technologies (re)shape organisational dynamics and how to intervene is key whether you will be a policy maker, a consultant, an HR advisor, a teacher and/or a researcher.

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Testimonial Firoza Karijodikromo

Firoza Karijodikromo - Alumna Digitalisation in Work and Society - current function HR Support at PostNL

A study that combines topicality, fun and multidisciplinarity… who wouldn't want that? If you are looking for a study that challenges you to look at the digitised world from different lenses, then this study is a good tip for you. Thank me later!
A study that combines topicality, fun and multidisciplinarity… who wouldn't want that? If you are looking for a study that challenges you to look at the digitised world from different lenses, then this study is a good tip for you. Thank me later!

In 2018 I graduated from my HBO study in Human Resource Management. After this study which I completed in Suriname, I thought “what now?”. I wanted to learn a lot more and immerse myself in the broad and wonderful world of people and society. I started my search from Suriname for the perfect match with my HR background. I was certain about one thing: I wanted to continue studying abroad. In the end, I chose the Netherlands because of the extensive range of educational offer. I started my pre-master's degree in Sociology.

My interest in technological developments started to grow, because I suddenly ended up in an accelerated digitising world from my own country. This interest grew as I witnessed the impact of corona on life in the digitising society. Because corona entered my student life barely six months into my pre-master education. Suddenly we had to switch to Zoom and take online exams. Thankfully, educational institutions were flexible with this unexpected turn, because everything went smoothly at Erasmus. I was also glad to choose this specialisation, because the subjects are exactly what this study is about ‘the digitising society’.

As a student who wants to stay current, this is a perfect study. You don’t want to fall behind on the drastic changes that have a lot of impact on (business) life. In addition, in this study you will be challenged theoretically and practically to think about these changes and impact. The concepts that have become increasingly important, such as autonomy and flexibility, will not pass unnoticed. You will be included in this process in a practical way, so it is also a lot of fun! To cite just one example, I was able to work on an assignment with my peers regarding future works skills at a municipality. That was one of the coolest things I was able to do in this study, because I could also see how things work in a company. Finally, the class was composed of a group of motivated students from various backgrounds. This multidisciplinary composition also allowed me to look at the same phenomenon from different lenses and, above all, learn a lot from all my fellow students.

The concepts I researched during this study are still hot today and I also use these concepts in the workplace. This study is highly recommended for you if you want to combine topicality, fun and multidisciplinarity!

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