Pope: Theology requires an interdisciplinary dialogue

G.B. Ruggieri, Jesus visits the Temple, detail, fresco in Santa Maria sopra Minerva church, Rome, Italy.

In a new Motu Proprio, "Ad theologiam promovendam", Pope Francis updates the Statutes of the Pontifical Academy of Theology, calling it to "courageous cultural revolution" and commitment to interdisciplinary dialogue in the light of Revelation. 

A Church that is “synodal, missionary, and ‘goes forth’” needs a theology that goes forth, too, according to Pope Francis. Theological reflection must make room for epistemological and methodological reorientation, and is therefore called to "a courageous cultural revolution". 

Theology must "develop in a culture of dialogue and encounter between different traditions and different disciplines, between different Christian denominations and different religions", according to the Pope. It must engage "openly with all, believers and non-believers alike. This is the approach of interdisciplinarity", Francis specifies.

One of our professors, Paul van Geest, member of this Academy, does precisely that at the intersection of Economics & Theology. We wish to bring interdisciplinary thought forward there. 

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