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anta Maria della Pietà church on the mountains at dusk. GranSasso peak on the background.

The researchers working together in EETI – theologians, philosophers, economists and business administrators – study the notions, ideas and principles that are at the intersection of economics and theology.

First of all, concepts and theories from theology are studied that had considerable influence over economics. An example being Adam Smith's idea of the invisible hand, essentially the application in economic theory of the theological concept of divine providence, or God's fatherly hand.

With its research, EETI also includes theological concepts that had their effect in economics, without necessarily therein being incorporated, since those might illuminate economic behaviour, as well as economic phenomena.

At the same time, the question how changing economic and social circumstances have influenced theological ideas, is on the agenda. After all, theology is not an isolated field of knowledge or study, but is influenced by history – mostly with a long-term hold. 

Furthermore, the theological metaphors are a research topic, for many of those metaphors evolved in agrarian societies. We will look into the possibility and the ways of converting this imagery into contemporary means, with a new signature applying to and fitting our times.

Empire State Building

All images courtesy by Riccardo Budini.

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