The findings of our research are shared and put into practice by the education and courses we offer. Currently, we provide a course on entry level, i.e., a minor for bachelor students (in Dutch), post initial learning and postgraduate education.

The minor Economics and Theology: Philosophy and Theology as the foundations of Economics is led by prof. dr. Paul van Geest. Students explore the works of theologians and philosophers who examined and described questions of an economic nature, and of markets and morality - long before economics was an academic discipline. Meaningful insights are thus to be discovered in what has been moved into the background in contemporary economics.

Furthermore, EETI offers the Executive programme Leadership from a Scientific PerspectiveThis programme consists of a multidisciplinary and multifaceted approach to leadership. We combine the fields of study of business administration, economics, theology, psychology and philosophy, providing both state of the art knowledge and reviving notions from the past. Participants will gain access to notions and ideas which enhance the insight into what good leadership truly is.

Education and coaching for business and organizations on the topics of values, behaviour, and leadership is delivered by REValue. The core of the programme is how good leadership and values, in a structural manner, can be implemented and embedded in the organization and its culture. The REValue programme consists of education, in-company training, and executive coaching.



All images courtesy by Riccardo Budini.

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