The (Pre)History of Neo-Calvinist Economics

Acton Institute’s First Annual Academic Colloquium, 8 October 2021
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Reformed Christian economics — which is broader than Neo-Calvinist economics — goes back further than Kuyper. In the Netherlands, at least, it is rooted in the Réveil movement of Bilderdijk, Groen van Prinsterer, and others. Kuyper nevertheless can be regarded as the father of Neo-Calvinist economics. For whereas the members of the Réveil wished to reform economics from within, and so to speak add the Gospel to the science of political economy, Kuyper and his followers wanted to develop a truly Christian, Calvinist economics from the ground up.

Dr. Joost Hengstmengel elaborated on the birth of Neo-Calvinist economics in a paper for the Acton Conference of 2021. Interested in the full story of its awakening? Read the full paper through the link below.

Assistant professor
dr. Joost Hengstmengel
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