Theology and Economics: Analogical concepts?

The ties between theology and economics are very old. It was only in the nineteenth century that their ways parted. Due to a variety of causes, economics secularized and dispensed with theological assumptions and notions. The last fifty years or so, economists and theologians engage in a process of reconciliation.

A promising new approach focuses on concepts that are used in both economics and theology. The search for such concepts is central to a field called “economic theology.” The idea is that a clarification of terms and concepts employed in both disciplines may foster interdisciplinary research, and eventually enrich both economics and theology. The philosophical idea of analogy is a promising avenue of investigating these shared concepts.

In a paper for the 2021 International Reformational Philosophy Conference, dr. Joost Hengstmengel expounds this idea. Read the full paper below.

Assistant professor

dr. Joost Hengstmengel

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