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From marketing, consultancy, education, media production, politics, entertainment, journalism, communication and PR positions, to research and government administration functions; our graduates end up working in a variety of positions and industries in the Netherlands and abroad.

To give you an idea, alumni from different study programmes (History, Arts & Culture, and Media & Communication) share their experiences with you. May their stories inspire you for your future career!

Recent alumni stories

Profile picture of Bachelor History alumna Reza Cheuk-Alam
Reza Cheuk-Alam

"During my studies, I discovered that I have a great interest in (history) education"

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Portrait picture of Maud van Roessel
Maud van Roessel (Alumna Master Media, Culture & Society)

"I have learned a lot about the power of clear and transparent communication."

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Denisa Boca (Alumna Master Cultural Economics & Entrepreneurship)

"I discovered and developed a strong interest for the cultural sector and societal impact."

Read about Denisa's experience
Portrait picture of Lena Martinovic
Lena Martinović (Alumna International Bachelor History)

"Rather than numbers and names, History focused on concepts & ideas. This made it very interesting."

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Portrait picture Pim Nugteren
Pim Nugteren (Alumnus Bachelor Algemene Cultuurwetenschappen)

"Werkend bij een ongesubsidieerd theater als Carré kwamen ook de lessen in economie goed van pas."

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Portrait picture of Bruno Aguilar
Bruno Aguilar (Alumnus International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies)

"In Erasmus University you will gain a profound and critical understanding of the cultural arena."

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Portrait picture of Hanna Kimmel
Hanna Kimmel (Alumna International Bachelor Communication and Media)

"The research method courses have helped me in thinking strategically about NPO's challenges."

Read about Hanna's experience

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