Exhibitions in the Erasmus Gallery

With its exhibitions in the administrative wing, the university’s Erasmus Gallery contributes to the intellectual and cultural environment of students, staff and visitors. In the Erasmus Gallery, exhibitions can be seen of the EUR’s own collections: modern-day art and economic commemorative coins.

In addition, topical exhibitions are held of artists of whom the Erasmus University Rotterdam has acquired work or intends to do so. In principle, Erasmus Gallery’s aim is to adhere as closely as possible to other EUR organizations where it regards content. In this way, science and art may be presented in a communal context.

The Erasmus Gallery is an attractive space where anyone can just stroll in to have a look. In this original place, intimate receptions are hosted by EFR students, managers and members of staff.

Current exhibitions in the Erasmus Gallery

Opening 'Illustratum' Erasmus Gallery


On september 19th the exhibitions Illustratum opens at the Erasmus Gallery. This exhibition is entirely devoted to illustrations.

Past exhibitions

OUTSIDER ART in Erasmus Gallery


From 19 March till 31 May Erasmus University Rotterdam organizes the exhibition OUTSIDER ART in Erasmus Gallery.

Who can spot the master painter?

Press release

Four students of the Master in Arts, Culture and Society have been invited to select artworks from the university's collection for an exhibition in the Erasmus Gallery.

Anouk Griffioen - ‘Natur’


Artist exhibits and works in the Erasmus Gallery

Duo exhibition Henri Jacobs and Koen Taselaar


The work of Koen Taselaar and Henri Jacobs brought together in a duo exhibition in the Erasmus Gallery

The Studio - Marijn van Kreij - Be part of our art


Artist Marijn van Kreij creates art together with students and university staff 



Drawings on nature by Erik Odijk

Love for art - Erasmus Gallery


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The opening hours of the Erasmus Gallery are from Mondays through to Fridays, 9 am - 6 pm.