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* Non-ESHCC exchange students can register on this website

This page lists the courses for History, Arts & Culture Studies and Media & Communication courses available in term 2,3 and 4 of 2021-2022. Students who are on campus, will be able to follow physical classes (lectures and tutorials). Online exchange students are welcome to travel to Rotterdam and follow the same classes on campus. If this is not possible, you can choose a limited number of courses we will offer online. 

More information on the content of the courses can be found by searching the course on the basis of the course code (CHxxx or CCxxx or CMxxxx) in the EUR Course Catalog. Also make sure to review the Study Information page for more insights into the workload, grading, rules, etc. Please note that ESHCC’s education is based on small interactive classes - therefore capacity is limited and attendance to almost all courses is mandatory. If you are a master student and interested in our graduate courses, please contact your exchange coordinator.

Instructions on how to register can be found at the bottom of this page. Before you continue, please make sure you carefully read the requirements below.


  • We have a limited number of spots for exchange students per course.
  • Students who wish to follow courses in their field of study at the home university, will have priority.
  • Make sure to review the Study Information page for more insights into the workload, grading, attendance rules, etc.
  • Only MA students can take MA courses
  • All courses not mentioned in the list below are not open to exchange students. 

Term 2 (8 November 2021 – 4 February 2022)
Attention: registration starts Friday 8 October at 12.00 (noon, CET) See the explanation below the course list.


  • CH2202 - International Business and Nation-States (7.5 EC)
  • CH2211 - Urban History (7.5 EC) *
  • CH2221 - World Politics after Empire (7.5 EC)
  • CH2219 - Mobility and Constructing Identities (7.5 EC) *

* For both on campus and online students. The on-campus lecture will be recorded.

Arts and Culture Studies

  • CC1003 - Sociology of Arts and Culture (10 EC) 
    Lecture in English, tutorial in English or Dutch (choose one)
  • CC1017 - Marketing Arts and Culture (5 EC)
  • CC2008 - Values of Culture (5 EC) * 
  • CC2010 - Introduction to Statistical Analysis (5 EC)
    Lecture in English, tutorial in English or Dutch (choose one)
  • CC2039 - Theory of the Avant-Garde (5 EC)
  • CC2044 - History of the Art Market (5 EC)
  • CC2050 - Consumption and Identity (5 EC) *
  • CC2051 - Cultural and Media Studies (5 EC)
  • CC2053 - Globalization, Culture and Place (5 EC) *
  • CC3107 - Economics of Cultural Heritage (5 EC)

* For both on campus and online students. The on-campus lecture will be recorded.

Media & Communication – BA courses

  • CM1012 - Media Industries and Audiences (5 EC)
  • CM1013 - Key Concepts in Social Sciences (5 EC)
  • CM2011 - Digital Content (5 EC)
  • CM2041 - Corporate Communication (5 EC) **
  • CM2049 - Global Advertising (5 EC) *
  • CM2062 - Consumer Behavior & Marketing Action (5 EC) *

* For both on campus and online students. The lecture will be recorded.
** For both on campus and online students. 1 online seminar group available.

Media & Communication – MA courses (On-campus only)

  • CM4105 - Strategic Mass Communication (5 EC)
  • CM4111 - Digital Media and Consumer Culture (5 EC)
  • CM4120 - Corporate Social Responsibility Communication (5 EC)
  • CM4115 - New Media Marketing and Advertising (5 EC)
  • CM4205 - Participating Audiences (5 EC)
  • CM4210 - Digital Media and Cultural Identities (5 EC)
  • CM4305 - Globalization and Media Industries (5 EC)
  • CM4604 - Privacy, Ethics and Social Impacts (5 EC)
  • CM4550 - Methods of Media Research II (5 EC)

Term 3 (08 February - 9 April 2021)


  • CH2203 - Emerging Economies and Global Labour (7.5 EC)
  • CH2205 - Europe in a Globalizing World: Migration, Citizenship and Identity (7.5 EC)

Arts and Culture Studies

  • CC1005 - Introduction to Economics of Arts and Culture (10 EC)
    Lecture in English, tutorial in English or Dutch (choose one tutorial)
  • CC1006 - Introduction to Cultural Policy (5 EC)
  • CC1018 - Introductie Kunst- Cultuurbeleid (5 EC) - CC1006 in Dutch
  • CC2015 - Sociology, Culture and Modernity (5 EC)
  • CC2017 - Advanced Economics of Arts and Culture (5 EC)
  • CC3105 - Advanced Economic Aspects of Cultural Industries (5 EC)
  • CC3123 - Introduction Arts Education (5 EC)

Media and Communications

  • CM1008 Media Systems in Comparative Perspective (5 EC)
  • CM1009 Communication as a Social Force (5 EC)
  • CM1014 Communication and Organisations (5 EC)
  • CM2010 Communication Management (5 EC)
  • CM2026 Intercultural Communication at Work (5 EC)
  • CM2027 Cultural Identities and New Media (5 EC)
  • CM2048 War Representations in Media and Culture (5 EC)
  • CM2054 Media and Consumer Culture (5 EC)
  • CM2060 Cinema and Society (5 EC)
  • CM2064 Cinemas in Context (5 EC)
  • CM2066 Privacy, Surveillance and New Media Technologies (5 EC)
  • CM2072 Consumer Behavior & Marketing Action (5 EC)
  • CM2073 Media in Latin-America (5 EC)
  • CM2074 Social Media Marketing (5 EC)
  • CM2079 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Media and Creative Industries (5 EC)
  • CM2080 Television Industries in the Age of Streaming (5 EC)
  • CM2081 Consumer Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility (5 EC)
  • CM2086 Communicating (in)equality in the City (5 EC)
  • CM2090 Technology, Media and Identity (5 EC)
  • CM2091 Media, Games, and Creative Industry (5 EC)
  • CM2092 Artificial Intelligence for Social Design (5 EC)
  • CM2230 Media and Politics (5 EC)
  • CM2234 ICTs and Emerging Markets (5 EC)
  • CM3010 Communication Ethics (5 EC)

Media & Communication – MA courses
More information coming soon

Term 4 (12 April - 18 June 2021)


  • CH2204 - Capitalism and inequality (7.5 EC)
  • CH2206 - Religion, culture and global encounters (7.5 EC)
  • CH2210 - Representing War in Popular Historical Culture (7.5 EC)
  • CH2223 - Biopower: Feeding, Breeding and Bleeding for World Domination 1870-1950 (7.5 EC)
  • CH2224 - Global Environmental Politics (7.5 EC)

Arts and Culture Studies

  • CC1021 - Arts, Culture and the Media (10 EC)
  • CC1022 - Cultural and Creative Industries (5 EC)
  • CC1023 - De Culturele en Creative Industrieën (5 EC) - CC1023 in Dutch

Media and Communications

  • CM1007 Communication Technologies and their Impacts (5 EC)
  • CM1010 Intercultural Communication (5 EC)
  • CM2025 Media, Children and Parents (5 EC)
  • CM2029 Digital Media Analysis (5 EC)
  • CM2039 Entertainment Media and Social Change (5 EC)
  • CM2068 Surveillance in film, TV, and media platforms (5 EC)
  • CM2069 Public Relations & Transparency (5 EC)
  • CM2071 Science Fiction and the Media (5 EC)
  • CM2083 Consumer Behavior and Brand Loyalty (5 EC)
  • CM2087 Public Speaking (5 EC)
  • CM2089 Message Framing and Persuasion (5 EC)
  • CM2094 Sustainability Communication: Systemic Approaches (5 EC)
  • CM2252 Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing (5 EC)

Media & Communication – MA courses
More information coming soon

Registration to our courses goes through OSIRIS > Cases (link will be available during registration period, see below). During the specific course registration periods (see timeline below), you can fill out your course preferences and submit your form there. Please click on "Start new case" - remember to disable your popup blocker and search for "ESHCC Incoming Exchange – Course Registrations." Please check the table below for information about when to register for our courses, and what the procedure is. 

Procedure (read and follow carefully!)

As soon as the registration period opens (Term 2: Friday 8 October at 12.00hrs, noon, CET), you will be able to fill out a form on OSIRIS by going to OSIRIS > Case > Start new case > ESHCC Incoming Exchange – Course Registrations.
In this form you will be asked to indicate how many courses you want to take and which courses you prefer. A few days after the deadline has passed, you will receive an email with the course(s) that has been assigned to you. This email will also contain further information about tutorial registration and more. Note that courses at ESHCC are generally small-scale and therefore have limited capacity; please take into consideration that you might not get your first choice, and that the procedure is first come, first serve. Therefore, please only list courses in your form that you would be interested in doing, because there is a chance you get them assigned. In addition, always carefully check the schedules of your preferred courses to make sure they do not take place at the same time.

Registration tutorials

Some courses have tutorials. After you have been selected for courses, you will automatically be registered for a tutorial that fits your schedule (of all courses) best.

Dropping courses

When you get your courses assigned, you can drop courses by sending an email to However, you cannot change them to other courses.
There is no late registration period.

Registration Period courses 2021-2022

Course periodRegistration period
Fall semester - Term 12 August (midnight, CET) - 11 August 2021 (noon, CET)
Fall semester - Term 28 October (12.00 hrs, noon, CET) - 13 October 2021 (noon, CET) - start date and time has been postponed
Spring semester - Term 3 & Term 4

1 December (midnight, CEST) – 10 December 2021 (noon, CEST)

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