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  • Arts and Culture Studies

    The minor Arts and Culture Studies offers a broad overview of the world around arts and culture. We look at the stakeholders in the arts world, the relations and the (often unexplicit) rules valid in this arts world. This minor has a strong international character, and looks at the role of both Government and Market. Besides there is a focus on the side of the audience, and both traditional ‘high art’ and popular art are being dealt with – from opera to street art and all that is in between.

  • Creative Economy

    The minor Creative Economy consists of 3 modules: The Cultural Economic Perspective, Money & The Fine Arts and Creative Economy & Creative Organizations. Through these modules, students can broaden their economic insights in the cultural field.

  • Fashion Industry

    Fashion has often been studied from a cultural or costume history perspective. This minor aims to highlight other important aspects of fashion and focuses on the fashion industry. The main objective of this minor is to gain insight into the business, historical, cultural economic and media dimensions of the fashion industry and the importance of fashion for the global and local economy via a mix of seminars, guest lecturers and field trips (e.g. Denim City in Amsterdam).

  • Media, Culture and Society

    Media and communication technologies have become a central force in our global society, affecting every aspect of life and culture. For students in any discipline, an understanding of the field of media and communication is key to understanding contemporary society. This minor introduces student to the academic study of media and communication, focusing on the production, content and reception of media, the social and cultural impacts of media and communication technologies, and the manifold ways in which culture influences media and communication processes.