Electives Media & Communication

This page is only for students NOT studying IBCoM! Please carefully check the requirements for taking IBCoM courses as an elective for your study programme.

Current information

  • Due to the Covid-19/Coronavirus, Late Registrations cannot take place as normal for Term 4. If you want to sign up for an IBCoM course for Term 4, you can do so via SIN Online. Please follow the below steps:

    1. On SIN Online, go to "Subscribe" and find the channel "IBCoM Course Registrations". Click on the channel and then click Add Subscription, followed by Save Changes. By doing so, you request access to this channel. Please note that this is not automatic; we will manually accept your request before the registration period starts.
    2. As soon as you have been granted access, your My Registrations page on SIN Online will include a list of IBCoM courses that you can sign up for.
      • From Monday 30 March (9 AM) until Wednesday 1 April (3 PM), you will be able to select max one IBCoM course. Please ignore the "Electives" from other departments at the bottom of the list, these are not for you.
      • Only in case there is enough capacity left, you can select a second course on the last day of the period (Wednesday 1 April).

    Before anything else, please mind the requirements below - check whether or not our courses are accessible to you in the first place - and view the course descriptions and timetables to see which courses you would be interested in.

Below is the preliminary list of undergraduate courses available in 2019-2020. More information on the content of the course can be found by searching for the course on the basis of the course code (CMxxxx) in the EUR Course Catalog. Please note that IBCoM's education is based on small interactive seminars - therefore capacity is limited and attendance to almost all courses is mandatory.

Please note that there are some requirements:

  • Only students from English-taught programmes can sign up for our courses
  • You need to have a valid registration at EUR for the current Academic Year
  • Students from outside of EUR have no access to our courses
  • Non-Media & Communication (exchange) students can take a maximum of two courses per term.
  • CM0004 - Media and Communication Theory (Minor Course, 5 EC)
    CM2001 - International and Global Communication (BA-2, 5 EC)
    CM2030 - Media and Politics (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2033 - The Business of Media (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2034 - ICTs and Emerging Markets (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2052 - Transmedia  Entertainment & Marketing (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2075 - Fundamentals and Practices of Journalism (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2076 - Diversity in Popular Culture and Advertising (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2078 - Management and Leadership in Media Organisations (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2084 - Television and Society (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2232 - Media Entertainment: Fans and Franchises (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM9001 - Corporate Communication (Minor Course, 5 EC)
    CM9002 - Communication and Organisations (Minor Course, 5 EC)
    CM9003 - Cultural Influences on Communication (Minor Course, 5 EC)
    CM9004 - Communication Technology and its Impacts (Minor Course, 5 EC)
    MINESHCC-4 - Fashion Industry (Minor, 15 EC); see this page for more information - there is only one spot available in this minor, and will be for a Media & Communication exchange student.

  • CM0030 - Made in Holland: Dutch Creative Industries (Exchange students only) - Ends before Christmas!
    CM1012 - Media Industries and Audiences (BA-1, 5 EC)
    CM1013 - Key Concepts in the Social Sciences (BA-1, 5 EC)
    CM2011 - Digital Content (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2032 - Current Perspectives on Popular Culture (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2041 - Corporate Communication (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2042 - Communication and International Relations (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2043 - International Journalism (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2046 - Media Audiences and Effects (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2049 - Global Advertising (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2050 - Media Industries: Trends and Strategies (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2051 - Public Diplomacy (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2062 - Consumer Behavior and Marketing Action (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2073 - Media in Latin-America (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2085 - Creativity and Innovation in Contemporary Business (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2088 - Digital Media and Health Communication (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2274 - Social Media Strategies for Business Communication (BA-2/3, 5 EC)

  • CM1008 - Media Systems in Comparative Perspective (BA-1, 5 EC)
    CM1009 - Communication as a Social Force (BA-1, 5 EC)
    CM1014 - Communication and Organisations (BA-1, 5 EC)
    CM2010 - Communication Management (BA-2, EC)
    CM2024 - Interpersonal Communication and New Media (BA-2/3, 5 EC) **Moved from Term 4 to Term 3**
    CM2026 - Intercultural Communication at Work (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2027 - Cultural Identities and New Media (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2054 - Media and Consumer Culture (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2060 - Cinema and Society (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2064 - Cinemas in Context (BA-2/3, 5 EC) **Moved from Term 4 to Term 3**
    CM2065 - Argumentation and Rhetoric in the Public Sphere (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2066 - Privacy, Surveillance and New Media Technologies (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2071 - Science Fiction and the Media (BA-2/3, 5 EC) **Moved from Term 4 to Term 3**
    CM2072 - Consumer Behavior & Marketing Action (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2074 - Social Media Technologies and Strategies for Business (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2077 - Diversity in Popular Culture and Advertising (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2079 - Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Media and Creative Industries (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2080 - Television in the Digital Age (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2081 - Consumer Perceptions of Corporate Social Responsibility (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2086 - Communicating (in)equality in the City (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2234 - ICTs and Emerging Markets (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM3010 - Communication Ethics, (BA-3, 5 EC)

  • CM1007 - Communication Technologies and their Impacts (BA-1, 5 EC)
    CM1010 - Intercultural Communication (BA-1, 5 EC)
    CM2025 - Media, Children and Parents (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2029 - Digital Media Analysis (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2040 - Media Campaigns (BA-2/3, 5 EC) **Moved from Term 3 to Term 4**
    CM2068 - Surveillance in film, TV, and media platforms (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2069 - Public Relations & Transparency (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2083 - Consumer Behavior and Brand Loyalty (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2087 - Public Speaking (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2089 - Message Framing and Persuasion (BA-2/3, 5 EC)
    CM2252 - Transmedia Entertainment & Marketing (BA-2/3, 5 EC)

Registration Procedure

Registration to our courses goes through OSIRIS > Cases. During the specific course registration periods (see timeline below), you will be able to fill out your course preferences and submit your form there. Please click on "Start new case" - remember to disable your popup blocker and search for "ESHCC IBCoM Course Registrations Term 1 (Studyplan)." Please check the table below for information about when to register for our courses, and what the procedure is. 


Course periodRegistration period (Dutch time)

Term 1

29 July (9 AM*) - 14 August (noon)
Term 230 September (9 AM*) - 16 October (noon)
Term 3 & Term 423 December (9 AM*) - 15 January (noon)

* Do not fill out the form before the starting time of 9 AM of the opening day. Only forms submitted within the registration period will be processed. 

Procedure (read and follow carefully!)

As soon as the registration period opens, you will be able to fill out a form on OSIRIS by going to OSIRIS > Case > Start new case > ESHCC IBCoM Course Registrations Term 1 (Studyplan). In this form you will be asked to indicate how many courses you want to take, and to list 5 preferences. A few days after the deadline has passed, you will receive an email with the course(s) that has been assigned to you. This email will also contain further information about workgroup registration and more. Note that IBCoM's courses are generally small-scale and therefore have limited capacity; please take into consideration that you might not get your first choice, and that the procedure is first come, first serve. Therefore, please only list courses in your form that you would be interested in doing, because there is a chance you get them assigned. In addition, always carefully check the schedules of your preferred courses to make sure they do not take place at the same time.

Dropping or adding courses

When you get your courses assigned, you can drop courses by sending an email to ibcomstudents@eshcc.eur.nl. However, you cannot change them to other courses. To add courses, you need to follow the Late Registration Procedure.

Late Registration Procedure

If you have missed the deadline for course registrations, you can still join Late Registrations, which takes place in specific periods as well. Within the period, Late Registrations take place on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8:30 AM until 9:00 AM at IBCoM Office (M8-34) (see table below for the exact dates). You need to pay a late registration fee of €10,- per course (in cash), which will go to charity. Upon arrival make sure you write your name on the sign-up sheet in the waiting area and wait until you are called. If you cannot make it to the Late Registration rounds yourself, you may send someone else on your behalf. Make sure your friend has your student number and brings your fee in cash, and has a list of courses that you would be interested to take. 

Please note that the offer of courses continually changes, and the procedure is first come, first serve. Therefore it is not possible to know beforehand which courses are still open. When you visit IBCoM Office for Late Registrations, you will see on the spot which courses are still open for you to take.

Please keep in mind that Late Registrations are an exception for those who miss the original deadline. Missing Late Registrations means no access to IBCoM's courses - we can't make exceptions to exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.

Course period

Late Registration Period

Term 1

Tuesdays: 20, 27 August
Fridays: 23, 30 August

Term 2

Tuesday: 22, 29 October
Thursday: 31 October

Term 3

Tuesdays: 21, 28 January
Fridays: 24, 31 January

Term 4

Please see updated information at the top of this page