Storytelling in a Digital Era

ESHCC Alumni Event
Tuesday 9 Apr 2024, 15:00 - 18:30
Spoken Language

Forumzaal (M3-15), Van der Goot Building (M), Thomas Morelaan, Rotterdam

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Image made by artificial intelligence tools representing old fashioned modes of storytelling and digitalised world with people sitting individually in front of laptop

How do we see, work, and live in a world with sometimes overwhelming amounts of information and data? This ESHCC alumni event will focus on the ways in which storytelling is becoming increasingly important in understanding and connecting with our surroundings in the digital era.

Join us on Tuesday 9 April for an engaging ESHCC alumni afternoon where we explore how stories – and their digital connections – become crucial to our shared histories, work, and experience of culture. 

The event is also a perfect opportunity to catch up with former classmates and to connect with fellow ESHCC alumni.


14:30Walk-in & registration
15:00Welcome & opening
15:15Keynote speech: Tales from a life in digital research - Prof. dr. Sally Wyatt (Maastricht University) 
15:45 Q&A
16:00Coffee/tea break
16:15Choose 1 break-out session (see below!)
17:15Wrap up & networking drinks

Break-out sessions:

The picture uses the metaphor of an ivory tower to show where decision making is done, with a representation of a neural network coming out of it, above a crowd of people's heads (shown in green to symbolise grass roots)
Jamillah Knowles & We and AI / Better Images of AI / People and Ivory Tower AI / CC-BY 4.0

The story of creativity has always been linked to innovations in technology. In painting we see a development of pigments eventually leading to portable tubes enabling the impressionists to paint outdoors, in music we see the amplifier changing the size of audiences and certainly the type of music made, in photography we see a development leading to computer graphics that is challenging our notions of reality. Creators were always first to explore technologies in their work, foreseeing the future uses of innovations.  

Technology has always been part of the creative process. Most recently AI has further led to changes in the job market, has disrupted the role of gate keepers, and has impacted our notions of aesthetics. AI has been marketed as ‘human’ and as ‘creator’, questioning the role of the creative makers. What do we gain and what will we miss when we embrace AI in the cultural sector?  

This session will be ignited by an overview of AIs presence in society by Cynthia Liem, Associate Professor of the Intelligent Systems Department at TU Delft, recently granted the Women in AI Netherlands Diversity Leader Award. What stories are told by artists using technology? Zeynep Birsel (External PhD candidate ESHCC) and Femke Vandenberg (Arts & Culture alumna) present the perspective of artists and the music sector while Ivanna Nikol Posobchuk (Arts & Culture alumna) delves into the challenges institutions face when adopting AI.

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Deze sessie maakt gebruik van het concept van ‘culturele biografie’ om de gelaagde waarde en betekenis van erfgoed, zowel materieel als immaterieel, te begrijpen. Door erfgoed als een verhaal te beschouwen, wordt het mogelijk de evoluerende betekenis ervan voor verschillende gemeenschappen te waarderen. In de context van omstreden monumenten is het vertellen van verhalen verbonden met de manier waarop deze monumenten worden waargenomen en geïnterpreteerd.

Maria Grever en Dillon Heuser zullen vanuit hun eigen expertise licht werpen op dit vraagstuk. Maria Grever, emeritus-hoogleraar theorie en methoden van de geschiedenis aan ESHCC, was voorzitter van de commissie die voor de KNAW het rapport Wankele sokkels. Omstreden monumenten in de openbare ruimte schreef. Dillon Heuser, ESHCC-alumnus, historicus en onderzoeker bij Stad en Bedrijf, schreef voor de gemeente Hoorn het Onderzoeksrapport Slavernijverleden van Hoorn

Doe mee met deze interactieve sessie waarin de kracht van verhalen in het erfgoeddebat centraal staat, en ontdek hoe deze benadering kan bijdragen aan de toekomst van erfgoedbeheer en -beleid!

Voertaal van deze sessie is Nederlands.

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Image generated by Adobe firefly

Over the last decade brands have had to innovate their marketing communications, integrating digital tools into their mix. We have seen developments from social media, VR and AR, the metaverse and, now more recently, the use of generative AI. Together with Media & Communication alumni Janelle de Weerd and Laura Mantilla Vargas, dr. Vivian Chen and dr. Freya De Keyzer will talk about what these disruptions have meant for brands and what this means for their future marketing communication. 

Join this interactive panel session on Brand’s Storytelling in a Digital Age! 

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Discover how AI can support storytelling

What if there was a generative AI that not only understands but actively contributes to the world of academia? A language model trained by and with data from ESHCC? AI and machine learning are an integral part of our faculty's research and education. During the coffee break, João Gonçalves (media scientist & lecturer in artificial intelligence at ESHCC) will shortly introduce different AI models that closely connect to the work of our faculty, such as the Erasmian Language Model. Participants can interact with one of these AI models showcased at the event site during the breaks, to experience how these digital tools can support storytelling.


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