Getting around in Rotterdam

Rotterdam offers an extensive amount of sharing mobility services to sustainably travel around the city. With initiatives such as Donkey Republic and Felyx there are plenty of affordable options to travel from A to B. Sharing mobility services are ideal means to discover the city on a sunny day as an alternative to public transport in a sustainable manner.

From A to B in Rotterdam: explore your options

The RET provides public transport in and around Rotterdam by tram, bus and metro. You can check in with your debit card or an OV-chip card. Personalised, anonymous or disposable cards can be bought online or at RET ticket machines at metro stations. A card costs €7.50. To travel, you need a positive balance. You can top up your card online or at RET card machines. These can be found at stations and in supermarkets. You can plan a public transport journey via the website

To Rotterdam by train

Rotterdam is perfectly connected to the national and international railway network. You can easily reach major cities such as Amsterdam, Utrecht and The Hague without having to change trains. From Rotterdam CS you can get anywhere in the city by transferring to the bus, metro, tram or RandstadRail. Blaak station is closer to the university.

Information for international students

With prices ranging from €0.10 to €0.30 per minute, the fares compete with the cost of public transport. An interesting alternative, then, if you want to travel to work or study in a sustainable way. There are several options for grabbing a bike. Donkey Republic offers bicycles and e-bikes, Uber JUMP only has e-bikes and MoBike offers bikes. For a fixed monthly fee, you rent your own bike externally at SwapfietsOpent. Bike broken? Swapfiest puts a new one on your doorstep for free within a day.

Bicycle shops

On campus Woudestein you will find a bicycle shop at the Institutenlaan (Tinbergen Building (H)). Opening hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am - 5 pm. Contact the bicycle shop via e-mail address or telephone number (010) 40 88550.

Erasmus MC has a bicycle repair shop in the basement of the He Building, open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Don't feel like pedalling? No worries, Felyx offers e-scooters that you can rent with an app. You can find the e-scooters at two different stands on campus: there is always an e-scooter nearby! Is there no Felyx available? GO Sharing and CHECK offer cheaper alternatives.

Public transport is well regulated in Rotterdam. Also, parking permits in the city are scarce and very expensive. We therefore advise you not to bring your car to Rotterdam when you come to live and study here.

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Means of transport in Rotterdam

Tram on the Erasmusbrug
How do you move through the city?
  • Two NS trains at a Dutch train station.
  • Person riding a bicycle on the campus Woudestein near the pond

How do you move through the city?

Tram on the Erasmusbrug
1/4 Tram on the Erasmusbrug
Beeldbank RET - R. Utrecht
Two NS trains at a Dutch train station.
2/4 Train
Beeldbank NS
Person riding a bicycle on the campus Woudestein near the pond
Tram on the Erasmusbrug
Two NS trains at a Dutch train station.
Person riding a bicycle on the campus Woudestein near the pond

Public transport in Rotterdam

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Metro Wilhelminaplein

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