Ben Schotpoort director of operations at ESHCC

On 1 February 2020, Ben Schotpoort will officially be employed as director of operations at Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC). In this position, Schotpoort is responsible for education and research support, the examination committee, business and project control, HR, MarCom, IT management and facility management.

Schotpoort is well acquainted with the faculty because, since 2018, he has been director of operations at ESHCC on secondment basis. The EUR is not unknown territory for Schotpoort; in 2008 he worked as a financial director at Erasmus School of Economics and also worked in various managerial positions for Erasmus University. Schotpoort also worked for Rotterdam School of Management for over three years as a Business and project control manager.


Since 2018, Schotpoort has laid a good financial foundation for ESHCC. Now Schotpoort will continue to focus on general business operations. With his decisiveness, ambitions and capability to make connections, ESHCC is entering 2020 with confidence.