Dr. Simone Driessen presents at “De Grote Roddelshow”

Dr. Simone Driesen at Arminius for "De Grote Roddelshow"

Dr. Simone Driessen represented Erasmus University Rotterdam during last Friday’s “De Grote Roddelshow” (“the big gossip show”), held at Arminius in Rotterdam. Dr. Driessen’s contribution to the event was a scientifically responsible overview of all beautiful, sad, or shocking gossip of 2018.

Among the discussed events in entertainment news was the Royal Wedding as a media event, which caused a temporary sense of cohesion among the British people. The on-and-off relationship between Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande was touched upon as well - showing that we have a parasocial relationship with celebrities, and, in that sense, empathy for their romantic life. Another highlight was how superstar Rihanna put a pregnant model on the catwalk and with that, broke the taboo of skinny (white) models walking at fashion shows. Another example was how pop/country singer Taylor Swift openly expressed herself as a Democrat rather than a Republican, which caused quite the fuss among her fans in polarized America.

For more information about Dr. Simone Driessen and her research, please visit her personal page.