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Simone Driessen is an assistant professor in Media & Popular Culture in the Arts & Culture Department of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Before, she worked as a senior lecturer in the Media and Communication Department. As a researcher she is interested in topics at the intersection of media and popular culture. As a lecturer she is involved in several courses in the Arts & Culture program(s), and supervises theses.

In June 2017, Simone obtained her PhD from the Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture (ERMeCC). Her PhD-project examined the affordances of mainstream popular music in the everyday life of ageing audiences (e.g., exploring why fans remain fan of a band like boy band Backstreet Boys over time). In addition to researching why fans remain fans over time, Simone is currently examinig why fans discontinue their fandom (e.g. after a controversial moment or the cancellation of an artist). 

Furthermore, Simone is involved as a researcher in two Horizon projects  (Inspiring and Anchoring Trust in Science, and COALESCE, which works towards a European center on science communication) on science communication, particularly popular, digital science communication.

Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

Assistant professor | Department of Arts and Culture Studies
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam


  • Simone Driessen (2 November 2023) - Dit is waarom we willen weten wat bekende mensen vinden van zaken als de oorlog tussen Israël en Hamas
  • Simone Driessen (30 September 2023) - Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner and the shifting dynamics of the celebrity divorce industrial complex
  • Simone Driessen (28 September 2023) - Dus jij dacht dat niemand hier nog naar luisterde?
  • Simone Driessen (28 September 2023) - Gecanceld als artiest? Dit gebeurt er dan op de Nederlandse radio
  • Simone Driessen (27 September 2023) - #SpeakUpNow: “I want Taylor Swift to do better”: Reflecting on a reactionary moment in a fandom
  • Simone Driessen (18 September 2023) - Russel Brand’s controverse: waarom blijven zijn fans hem geloven?
  • Simone Driessen (26 July 2023) - Kritiek op 'anti-mannenfilm' Barbie legt volgens mediawetenschapper vinger op zere plek: 'Kan juist les zijn voor maatschappij'
  • Simone Driessen (7 July 2023) - Wel of niet naar Rammstein?
  • Simone Driessen (1 July 2023) - De aantrekkingskracht van Rammstein. Mika (16) uit Assen: 'Als fan wil je backstage'
  • Simone Driessen (25 June 2023) - 'Wat toen kon, kan nu niet meer'

  • Simone Driessen (2022) - Insights into music fandom across the life course
  • Simone Driessen (2022) - De relatie tussen fan en idool
  • Simone Driessen (2022) - Cancel Culture, how to deal with it?
  • SMR (Simone) Driessen (2022) - Why are fans loyal anyway?
  • SMR (Simone) Driessen (2021) - Cancel culture
  • Simone Driessen (2020) - 'Good Fan, Bad Fan?' On politics, appropriateness, and toxicity
  • Simone Driessen (2018) - De Grote Roddelshow - Dit was 2018!
  • Simone Driessen (2018) - Our fascination with Flawed Celebrities
  • Simone Driessen (2017) - Waarom je levenslang fan kunt zijn van de Backstreet Boys
  • Simone Driessen (2016) - The future of music

  • Simone Driessen (2018) - ICA top paper award Popular Communication Division
  • Simone Driessen (2014) - DAME: Dean’s Award for Multidisciplinary Excellence

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News regarding dr. (Simone) SMR Driessen

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