Episode 4: The audience dilemma (part 1); Everybody is the audience

Dr. Mijke Slot started a research project called: ‘Do we click?’ in which she researches the digital relationship between Dutch journalists and their audience. She will also release a monthly podcast on her research.

Every month, she will keep you up-to-date with the research progress, and her findings and observations along the way. In her podcast, she will always try to make a link between the academic world and professional practices, and provide recommendations for practitioners working in the field of media and journalism.

In episode 4: The audience dilemma (part 1); Everybody is the audience, she discusses the importance I for news organizations to interest their audience members for the news. But not every important news fact is equally exciting and interesting. How do news organizations balance informing and engaging their audiences? In this episode, part 1 of the audience dilemma, Mijke explains what the audience is, and shows what Dutch journalists actually know about their audiences. She also gives some interesting examples of ways in which journalists get to know their audience members better.

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