ERMeCC PhDs get colour on their papers

Roumi Art Institute kindly hosted ERMeCC PhD Club members and friends for a unique evening of creativity. Dr Mehmet Refii Kileci demonstrated the magic of the ancient paper marbling technique where the paint is first applied to the water surface and then transferred to paper. Magic! On Sunday evening (yes, we are excited to spent time together even on weekends) PhD Candidates took the opportunity to step away from their computers and to reveal their inner selves through colour.

Since 2008 Roumi Art Institute offers unique workshops in calligraphy, paper marbling and the art of illumination. Taking its root in ancient Uzbekistan, paper marbling became a tradition in Turkey in the 19th century and today the technique can be mastered right here in Rotterdam, thanks to the dedication of Dr Mehmet Refii Kileci and his daughter Nur. Here are some pictures of all the fun we had.

Photos PhD Club Paper Marbling

ERMeCC PhD Club Marbling

ERMeCC PhD Club Marbling


Roumi Kunst Instituut
Alkmaardermeer 41
3068 KL Rotterdam

P.S. We are grateful to our fellow PhD Candidate Shirley Nieuwland for organizing this amazing experience.

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