ESHCC and ESSB collaborate with Feyenoord

On 14 March the Erasmus University Rotterdam and Feyenoord have started a 4-year collaboration where Master's students of the Erasmus School of Social and Behavioural Sciences (ESSB) and Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC) do research on the societal effects of the Rotterdam-based soccer club.

Each academic year, four to five students will start a research internship and thesis at Feyenoord. During these internships, students will investigate the impact the soccer club has on the society of Rotterdam based on scientific research on Feyenoord's societal projects. Making the impacts of these project measurable will give Feyenoord insights to develop and improve the social activities of the club. It is the first time that two organisations in Rotterdam engage in a long term collaboration in order to contribute to the city of Rotterdam and its social development.

About the Feyenoord-Erasmus #FEYEUR programme

As Feyenoord's societal projects take place at several locations in Rotterdam and include several types of activities, a multidisciplinary approach is important. Master students who have access to this internship and thesis collaboration come from multiple scientific disciplines within ESSB and ESHCC, including pedagogical sciences, psychology, public administration and communication sciences.

Feyenoord aims to encourage supporters and the residents of Rotterdam to get moving and exercise. By stimulating sport participation and a healthier lifestyle, the club contributes to a better future and more connection between people in Rotterdam. The club focuses in particular on youth and vulnerable groups, and does this with suppport from with other external organization. In its projects, Feyenoord acts as supercharger, connector, and provider of inspiration. The studies will show whether this can be done in an even more effective and more successful way.

Program leader of the EUR Dr Brian Godor: "We are delighted with this cooperation with Feyenoord. It is a unique opportunity for the students of our study programmes to immerse themselves in real situations in the city. It gives them the opportunity to connect the theory with practice. As a result, they contribute to the Rotterdam society on the one hand and to their own professional development on the other."

General manager of Feyenoord Jan de Jong: "We know that Feyenoord has a huge reach in Rotterdam society. Thanks to this wonderful collaboration with the Erasmus University, we can make this more concrete, which is very valuable for the club. We get answers to questions such as 'what is going well?', but also 'what can we improve?'. We are looking forward to the first research results."