Knowledge production in hypermasculinized research contexts

Seminar room
Army officers

ESHCC researchers Siri Driesen, Lise Zurné, and Jasmin Seijbel will be visiting the Centre for Memory, Narrative, and Histories in Brighton. On May 24th they will be delivering a seminar that explores knowledge production within hypermasculinized research contexts.

Drawing from their research in historical re-enactment, veteran communities, and football fandom, they will delve into the interplay between gender, memory cultures, and the process of knowledge production. During the seminar, they will reflect upon the impact of their own identities and positionality on the communities they study, the questions they ask (or omit), and the methodologies they employ. During the seminar they will analyze how researchers navigate and negotiate their roles within these environments, ultimately shaping the knowledge they generate.

The event takes place on Wednesday 24 May from 15:00 until 17:00 (local time). To learn more about the event and to secure your spot to attend online, please visit the University of Brighton website.

Dr. Siri Driessen

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