dr. (Lise) L Zurné


Lise Zurné is a lecturer at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication. Her PhD project explored the representation of modern war history in re-enactment practices and focuses on how reenactors engage with sensitive pasts, including decolonization, women in war and the embodiment of suffering. She completed a Master Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (VU Amsterdam) and Visual Anthropology (Leiden University) both cum laude. Already early on, she researched the politics of historical representation with a bachelor thesis on monuments, and a master thesis and documentary on historical re-enactment of the decolonization in Indonesia. The documentary The Feel of History (2017) has been screened at various ethnographic film festivals.

She is also a co-founder of the ethnovision, a collective of five visual anthropologists who provide workshops on the use of visual methods in academic research. She also co-chairs the Working Group Safety
in the Field at the LOVA network for feminist anthropologists and is member of its editorial board of the Journal of Feminist Anthropology and Gender Studies.

Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

Lecturer | Department of History
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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  • Lise Zurné (1 June 2024) - Soldaatje spelen voor volwassenen om dichter bij de geschiedenis te komen
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  • Lise Zurne (14 September 2018) - EUR doctoral candidate’s documentary debuts at film festival in Zurich

  • Lise Zurné (2024) - History, Gender, Anthropology
  • Lise Zurné, Jelena Beocanin, Siri Driessen, Jasmin Seijbel & Anne Heslinga (2024) - The gender of historical research
  • Lise Zurné (2024) - Visuele methoden in etnografisch onderzoek
  • Lise Zurné (2023) - Performing contested pasts
  • Siri Driessen, Jasmin Seijbel & Lise Zurne (2023) - Knowledge production in hypermasculinized research contexts
  • Lise Zurné (2023) - Centre for Memory, Narrative and Histories (External organisation)
  • Lise Zurne (2022) - LOVA Journal of Feminist Anthropology and Gender Studies (Journal)
  • Lise Zurne (2022) - Writing narratives of 'failure' and trauma: Sexualized harassment and fieldwork
  • L (Lise) Zurne (2021) - Satefy in the Field: A Working Group addressing gender-based violence in the field
  • L (Lise) Zurne (2021) - Performing Gendered War Memories: Women re-enactment groups and the mediatization of female war mobilization in World War II

  • Lise Zurné (2024) - Best Article
  • Lise Zurné (2024) - Nomination Best Thesis
  • Lise Zurne (2023) - Societal Engagement Award
  • Lise Zurné (2023) - ESHCC Incentive Grant

Bachelor Thesis Class War, peace, econ.

Year Level
BA-3, BA-3
Course Code

Master Thesis

Year Level
Course Code

Making Traditions in Everyday Life

Year Level
Course Code

History, Memory and National Identity

Year Level
Course Code

Hist. Repr. and Imag.

Year Level
BA-2, Pre-master, BA-2
Course Code

News regarding dr. (Lise) L Zurné

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War reenactors

Re-enactment is much more than playing at war

What drives re-enactment groups to reenact battles? Lise Zurné spoke to members of several groups for her thesis.
Military personnel line up to put on their boots.

Commemoration of the Dutch Indies: how pain grows with more attention

Lise Zurné, PhD candidate at ESHCC, was interviewed by Noord Hollandsch Dagblad to share her insights on the painful history of the Dutch Indies.

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