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Learning throughout life and sharing these learnings and experiences is what the educators at CultSense believe in. As co-coordinator and educator Lénia Marques (ESHCC) contributed to the CultSense Pedagogical Toolkit, which was published recently.

The toolkit, as part of the project CultSense – Sensitising Young Travellers for Local Cultures, suggests a learning journey on Cultural Sensitivity, with a focus on travelling contexts. It works as a multiple-entry platform for different aspects of cultural sensitivity, from its conceptual form to a more pragmatic educational approach.  With this toolkit, Lénia Marques and her colleagues aim to provide educators of all backgrounds with a set of tools that promote active learning in cultural sensitivity.

CultSense works together with Erasmus University Rotterdam and other universities to contribute to more cultural sensitive and culturally sustainable travel. CultSense aims to address the issues of increased mobility pressures, and tensions and conflicts between locals and travellers.

Learn more on the CultSense website.


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