Podcast: "Yeah, What She Said" with Dr. Delia Dumitrica

Roy Borghouts

We are often asked to work in teams, but collaboration is not something easily forged. Delia Dumitrica, Assistant Professor in the Media & Communication department of the Erasmus University, talks about collaboration as a process of developing a shared perspective and the differences between strategic and dialogical collaboration.

On this episode of Yeah, What She Said (CJSW, Calgary Independent Radio) the main subject will be collaboration. Host Georgia Jones welcomes her long-time friend and collaborator Dr. Delia Dumitrica into the studio to share her insight into different types of collaboration and what has worked for them in over a decade of collaborative research and friendship. Besides that there will be talked about the importance of collaboration and you will be introduced to CLAMP, a creative collective who collaboratively produce manga in Japan. 


Listen the podcast here: https://cjsw.com/program/yeah-what-she-said/episode/20190520/

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