Qian Huang invited by X TU Delft student podcast to discuss “cancel culture”

Last week, Qian Huang discussed “cancel culture” in a podcast series by X TU Delft. Qian talked about the development of cancel culture as a social phenomenon and discussed its potential social consequences. She also proposed some possible solutions and emphasized the importance of practicing empathy and including public debate literacy in schools’ curricula.

Cancel culture has become a common phenomenon. But what exactly is it, and how did this phenomenon emerge? Is it a good or a bad thing?

This podcast features a discussion with Qian Huang, PhD candidate at the Department of Media & Communication at Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Wieke van Vlaardingen, blogger at Studenten.com and student Philosophy, Politics and Economics at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam.

X TU Delft is a place at Delft University of Technology that allows students to develop themselves in areas that are not necessarily part of their academic curriculum. Their podcast series ‘What’s your X?’ is organised twice a month and provides space for discussions on various themes. Often, guest speakers are invited.

About Qian Huang

Qian Huang (1991) is a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Media & Communication in Erasmus University Rotterdam. Under the supervision of dr. Daniel Trottier and prof. Susanne Janssen, she studies digital vigilantism in Chinese context. Her research expertise lies in social media and surveillance, online public opinions, and online harms.

More information

Listen to the full podcast on Spotify.

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