Sergül Nguyen publishes co-edited book on ‘Media and Society’

Sergül Nguyen, MA recently edited a book on media and society with her colleagues Dr. Dennis Nguyen and Dr. Ivonne Dekker from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht. The volume “Understanding Media and Society in the Age of Digitalisation", published by Palgrave Macmillan, is now available online via Palgrave and Springer.

The book provides a selection of international perspectives in the interdisciplinary field of media and communications research with emphasis placed on methodological approaches and new research domains. It includes critical reflections on how to conduct research on digital media culture, especially concerning the potentials and limitations for mixed methods research and online research strategies, as well as a series of hands-on case studies. These range from digital fan cultures, through environmental communication, news media, digital politics during conflicts and crises, to digital media psychology and the emerging field of medical humanities. Diverse in its examples and angles, the book provides a rich snippet of how media research practices are determined by practical factors and research interests.

In this book, Sergül Nguyen co-authored a chapter with her PhD supervisor Prof. İnci Çınarlı from Galatasaray University in which they investigate breaking news in Turkish 24/7 news channels. This chapter aims to explore the communication of "fear" in today's risk society via breaking news on TV and Twitter. To this end, breaking news which has been broadcasted and published online in a daily routine of two privately owned 24/7 news channels CNN Türk and NTV have been analysed through a mixed methodology which is based on a quantitative content analysis and a critical discourse analysis. Based on the exploratory findings, the chapter provides an overview of challenges for quality journalism and ethics with tentative recommendations for journalists and audiences.