Surveying policing efforts of art and heritage crime in Latin America

Dr Naomi Oosterman publishes article in Cahiers Politiestudies on the policing of art and heritage crime in Latin America.

Dr Naomi Oosterman (ESHCC, Arts and Culture Studies) and Dr Donna Yates (Maastricht University) have published their article entitled “Policing heritage crime in Latin America” in the thematic issue “Art Crime and Policing” of the Dutch/Belgian journal Cahier Politiestudies. Their research explores the efforts undertaken by policing organisations in twelve Latin American countries, focusing on law enforcement, legislation, and policy concerning art and heritage crimes. 

Between Latin American countries, there is collaboration between organisations to police art and heritage crimes. Yet, the authors explain, difficulties with the adequate policing of art and heritage crimes lie in the lack of improvements made towards the number of dedicated specialists within police and government agencies. The lack of economic resources and specialists has previously been recorded in locations beyond the area of Latin America. With their own research, Oosterman and Yates further underline that this issue remains a primary weakness in local, regional, and global efforts to police heritage crimes. 

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