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  • dr. (Chris) CE Aalberts

    dr. (Chris) CE Aalberts

    Chris Aalberts is docent en onderzoeker politieke communicatie. Hij is gespecialiseerd in kwalitatief onderzoek naar de relatie tussen burgers en politiek. Zijn…
  • (Elisa) E Achterberg

    (Elisa) E Achterberg

  • dr. (Robbert-Jan) RJ Adriaansen

    dr. (Robbert-Jan) RJ Adriaansen

    Robbert-Jan Adriaansen is the executive director of the Center for Historical Culture at Erasmus University Rotterdam. He received his PhD cum laude from the…
  • (Ghassan) G Al Aboud

    (Ghassan) G Al Aboud

  • dr. (David) D Alvarez Garcia

    dr. (David) D Alvarez Garcia

  • (Juliana) J Alves de Alcantara

    (Juliana) J Alves de Alcantara

  • dr. (Etienne) EF Augé

    dr. (Etienne) EF Augé

    Etienne F. Augé is Principal Lecturer in the department of Media and Communication. He received his doctorate from the École des Hautes Études en Sciences…
  • dr. (Maria) M Avraamidou

    dr. (Maria) M Avraamidou

    Digital & traditional media and migration; media and nationalism; postcolonial communication 
  • dr. (Isabel) I Awad Cherit

    dr. (Isabel) I Awad Cherit

    The underlying concern of her teaching and research is an understanding of the conditions for democratic communication and social justice against a backdrop of…
  • (Victoria) V Balan, MSc

    (Victoria) V Balan, MSc

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