(Olga) O Vincent


Olga Vincent (former publishing name - Olga Koretskaya) is a PhD researcher at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her current research focuses on making practices in contemporary urban economies and their potential to facilitate sustainability transformation beyond capitalism. Olga has an interdisciplinary background in economic, sustainability and communication sciences. In 2018, Olga graduated from the MSc in Sustainability Science and Policy at Maastricht University. Prior to that, Olga worked for five years as a journalist covering socio-economic issues of national interest.

Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

PhD candidate | Department of Arts and Culture Studies
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam


  • Olga Koretskaya (2021) - Diversity beyond capitalism in makerspaces
  • Olga Koretskaya (2021) - Diversity beyond capitalism in makerspaces
  • Olga Koretskaya (2020) - (Un)making sustainability transformation beyond capitalism
  • Olga Koretskaya (2019) - A framework for reading economic diversity beyond capitalism in food networks
  • Olga Koretskaya (2019) - A framework for understanding discursive regime destabilization: Economy for the Common Good case study

Introduction to Economics

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BA-1, BA-1
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Sustainab. in the Visual Arts and Crafts

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BA-2, Other, BA-2
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News regarding (Olga) O Vincent

Transforming work: perspectives from scholarship on degrowth, post-growth, postcapitalism and craft labour

Olga Vincent and Amanda Bradellero publish paper on transforming work for the thriving of the people and the planet
Een rij boeken

Creative hub Keilewerf needs help after fire destroys building

Olga Vincent briefly reflects on the Keilewerf fire of 28 June and shares ways in which we can help as outsiders.

Are makers at the Keilewerf crafting alternatives to capitalism?

A paper by Olga Vincent on capitalist and beyond-capitalist ways of thinking and doing in hybrid makerspaces.
Street art, Keilewerf

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