(Palesa) P Mashigo, MA

Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

PhD candidate | Department of Media and Communication
Burg. Oudlaan 50, Rotterdam

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  • Palesa Mashigo & Jacco van Sterkenburg (2023) - ‘One rotten apple or a rotten tree. Racism in European football (with P. Mashigo). Sport and Discrimination congress, Rotterdam
  • Jasmin Seijbel, Palesa Mashigo, Carmen Longas Luque, Sidris van Sauers, Willem Wagenaar & Chantal van der Putten (2022) - Contemporary Global Issues: Inclusive Football for the Future
  • Palesa Mashigo & Jacco van Sterkenburg (2022) - Invited presentation Endowed Chair at FIFPRO HQ: Race Inclusion and football

  • Jacco van Sterkenburg, Matthias de Heer & Palesa Mashigo (2022) - Winner Emerald Best Paper Award 2022 (prize by academic publisher Emerald)

Communication Ethics

Year Level
BA-3, Pre-master, Pre-master, Pre-master, Pre-master
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Media and Communication Theory

Year Level
Pre-master, Pre-master, BA-2, Minor, Pre-master, BA-2, Pre-master
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News regarding (Palesa) P Mashigo, MA

Lis Camelia and Palesa Mashigo guest on Feyenoord podcast "... Ken Je Dat Niet Horen Dan?"

PhD candidates Palesa Mashigo and Lis Camelia were guests on the Feyenoord podcast "... Ken Je Dat Niet Horen Dan?", where they discussed diversity in football.
Ken je dat niet horen dan podcast

"Football is a powerful force and mirrors how society can be better"

Palesa Mashigo and Jacco van Sterkenburg study diversity in football and help women and people with an ethnic minority background pursue a career in football.
Jacco van Sterkenburg en Palesa Mashigo 2

Sport and Discrimination Congress: Palesa Mashigo among the Research Prize winners

Various ESHCC researchers spoke at the 6th annual Sport and Discrimination, where Palesa Mashigo was among the Research Prize winners.
Speakers at Sport and Discrimination Conference

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