Project team

  • Women with brown hair smiling to the camera

    Project leader & main applicant
    Prof. Maria Grever

  • Portrait of Stijn Reijnders

    Researcher & co-applicant
    Prof. Stijn Reijnders

  • Portrait of Robbert-Jan Adriaansen

    Dr Robbert-Jan Adriaansen

  • Portrait picture of Siri Driessen

    PhD student
    Siri Driessen MA
    Supervisors: Stijn Reijnders; Maria Grever

  • Portrait picture of Pieter van den Heede

    PhD student
    Pieter Van den Heede MA
    Supervisors Kees Ribbens; Jeroen Jansz


  • Portrait picture of Jeroen Jansz

    Prof. Jeroen Jansz 

  • Portrait of Franciska de Jong

    Prof. Franciska de Jong

  • Portrait picture of Kees Ribbens

    Prof. Kees Ribbens

  • Slegtenhorst, Laurie
    Roy Borghouts

    PhD student
    Laurie Slegtenhorst MA 
    Supervisors: Prof. Kees Ribbens and Prof. Maria Grever

  • Portrait of Susan Hogervorst

    Postdoc researcher
    Dr Susan Hogervorst
    Supervisor: Franciska de Jong

  • Zurne, Lise
    Roy Borghouts

    PhD student
    Lise Zurné MA
    Supervisors: Prof. Maria Grever, Dr Robbert-Jan Adriaansen and Prof. Stijn Reijnders

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