History of the Rhine

The Erasmus Centre for the History of the Rhine wants to be an international platform for research on this economic region in all its aspects, but also of the history of the Rhine as a highway connecting the people of Europe since ancient times. It wants to co-ordinate academic research on the history of the Rhine and the Rhine region, with an accent on the economic history of the last two centuries, and to bring academics from different disciplines – historians, geographers and economists – together to discuss this topic. 

The website will also be the platform for the Transnational Rhine Network that every year – in 2013 for the fourth time – organizes the Transnational Rhine Conference and will give authors of papers presented at these conferences and others papers and articles on topics related to the Rhine and the Rhine region the opportunity to publish their work in a first draft version online. Furthermore, the centre will organize and stimulate the academic debate on topics related to the Rhine and the transnational Rhine region by organizing lectures. Finally, it will stimulate and co-ordinate research programs and the fundraising for such programs on these and related topics on a national as well as a European level.

A Rhine Economy

Research program

The Netherlands and Germany


The Dutch Big Four and Germany

Outport and Hinterland


Maasvlakte II

From vision to reality


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