Podcast overview

Research Project Mijke Slot

Episode 1

The Click is Dead

Episode 2

Practices, Perceptions and a Personal Story about Audience Metrics

Logo project 'Hebben wij een klik'

Episode 3

Plugged in; The Role of Technology in Journalism

Episode 4

The audience dilemma (part 1); Everyone is the Audience

Episode 5

The Audience Dilemma (part 2); The Art of Audience Engagement

Episode 6

News and the Scrolling Generation

Episode 7

What Numbers Can Teach Us

Episode 8

What Numbers Cant Teach Us

Episode 9

It's Always the Sudoku

Episode 10

The lazy, fearful and reactive audience... or not

Episode 11

The challenges of user comments

Episode 12

Only available in Dutch

Episode 13

Know your audience - the four news needs

Episode 14

Even though I don't click, I still want to know

Episode 15

Relating to your audience in times of crisis

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