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Do you feel like continuing studying? Consider applying for a (second) master’s programme! Read more about the opportunities below.

Master programmes at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication

Master programmes at other EUR faculties

It is possible to follow a master at another EUR faculty. Many of our graduates choose a Master’s in Marketing Management, International Public Management and Public Policy, or another field related to their personal and/or career interests. Check the admission requirements and application procedures well in time at the faculty of the desired master's programme. 

More information about all masters at the EUR can be found here.

Master programmes at other Dutch universities

Another option is to do your master’s at another university in the Netherlands. ESHCC alumni have chosen to pursue their master’s programme at for instance Leiden University, University of Amsterdam or Utrecht University.

If you are interested in a master at another university in the Netherlands you can check Studiekeuze123 or the Nuffic Study Finder for English taught master programmes in the Netherlands.

Master programmes abroad

Finding a master abroad can be overwhelming. Start with the master programme of your dreams and find where this is offered. Alternatively, you can start with what you already do know, for instance list the countries you are interested in, which cities and universities are located there and which programmes they offer. Make a budget, not only for tuition fees, but also for living expenses, which may rule out certain destinations. Is the programme you are interested in an accredited programme and if so by whom?

There are many websites to help you when orienting for a master abroad, for example: https://www.mastersportal.com/

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