Ghent-Rotterdam-Tilburg Graduate Workshop in Philosophy

Graduate students present their research

Open Office & Seminar

Session for students interested in the Research Master

Ph.D. defence Attilia Ruzzene

​Using Case Studies in the Social Sciences. Methods, Inferences, Purposes.

Workshop 'New Trends in the Philosophy of Social Science'

On the occasion of Ph.D. defence Attilia Ruzzene

OZSW ReMa Winter School

Philosophy, Policy, and Social Science.

Erasmus Institute for Philosophy and Economics (EIPE)

EIPE is the world's leading research institute in philosophy and economics and host to a highly acclaimed graduate programme. The research topics covered at EIPE span all branches of philosophy and economics, including foundations of economic theory, rationality, economic methodology and ethical aspects of economics.

The graduate programme comprises the prestigious two-year Research Master in Philosophy and Economics and an outstanding Ph.D. programme. EIPE students profit from the Institute's being embedded in a very active research environment in analytical philosophy, with special additional strengths in epistemology, metaphysics, philosophy of science (especially physics and medicine), political philosophy and meta-ethics.