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Based in Rotterdam, the School has provided excellent education and produced excellent research for over a century
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CEO bonuses while cost of living is higher

Robert Dur, Professor of Economics of Incentives at Erasmus School of Economics explains why chief executive officers (CEO’s) profit from higher price levels.
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The banking lobby is enormously strong. It must hurt from time to time

Ivo Arnold and Casper de Vries, Professors of Monetary Economics at Erasmus School of Economics, discuss the phenomena in today's banking world.

Dutch among the happiest people on earth

Our country is ranked fifth in the World Happiness Report 2023. According to happiness researcher Ruut Veenhoven, we are so happy because we can make choices.
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Measurement Invariance Across Conditions: A Case Study of Material and Experiential Happiness

Dan Schley (Rotterdam School of Management)
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Dynamics of ambiguity attitudes: the role of gender as a source

David Gonzalez Jimenez (Erasmus School of Economics)
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Masterclass VAT fraud

Lecture giving by John Gruson and Martijn Schipper discussing more about VAT fraud.
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