Newest encyclical of the pope has economic implications

At the eleven of October, Pope Francis published a new encyclical Fratelli tutti. In this theological letter, he focuses primarily on the question how human dignity and a healthy society can be realized. Economic considerations are insufficient to achieve them.

According to the pope, the solution is provided by the Biblical parable of the good Samaritan. He helps a helpless Jew, an enemy in his perspective, and saves his life. The love of the Samaritan, who bridged all human differences, is the only way to restore a good society and human dignity. That has economic implications: Social security should be accessible to everyone, and the government should give priority to the eradication of poverty. Refugees should be welcomed and helped, rather than being sent back. If policies will be inspired by the aforementioned love, agape, a better world is possible.

The pope explicitly states that these problems cannot be solved by the market or economics. The market does not strive for "universal employment", and will not function without solidarity and trust. In any case, the market does not strive to annul the differences between the rich and the poor. Only a dialogue, a true encounter between poor and rich, will be able to bridge the socioeconomic gap and bring unity and peace for humanity.

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