AiPact presents: Creative Coding AI Workshop: Auto-Complete with N-Grams

Workshop info
Workshop info

AiPact invites you to come and create your own playful AI tool in this creative coding workshop by AIxDesign. 

In this workshop by AIxDesign, we will explore fine-tuning your own text generator, based on the n-gram model, on text corpus with alternative sentence structures or unique vocabularies eg., poetry, GitHub repos, TV series scripts, Amazon reviews, or Nookipedia.

What would your email sound like if driven by an autocomplete tool trained on sci-fi scripts? How would your Animal Crossing character correct your grammar?

In training our own n-gram based language model, we take a look under the hood of text-generation models and get hands-on experience on parts of the machine learning lifecyle. Through alternative datasets, we will explore and discuss the role of data and data quality in machine learning models.

* No previous coding-skills required
* Bring your own laptop
* Datasets will be provided, but you are also invited to bring your own corpus (.txt)!

Click here for more information + registration.

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