Welcome to our 2024-2025 course guide!

Graduation ceremony of the IHS PhD candidate Hung Viet Ngo

You can look into our offer of courses and workshops in the academic year 2024-2025 in the following ways:.

  • Below you can find the courses already somewhat categorised based on what they are primarily about.
  • In the 'Browse courses' section you can search for courses using the search field or use the available filter.

Please note that, when you have filled out the registration form and you receive a confirmation, this is not a confirmation of your enrolment. You will receive a final confirmation after our team checks the availability in the system. It can happen that more than one person try to enrol at the same time and the course is already full before we have the chance to close the registrations. Should this be the case, you will receive notice that you have been placed on the waiting list. 

In addition to our core curriculum course programme, the Graduate School organises the following complementary events throughout the year. These events are not ECTS credited, but can be very useful and interesting to attend throughout your trajectory:

  • Challenges for supervisors (available for supervisors only)
  • Conversations with...(this can be a dean, alumni, a PhD officer, etc.)
  • Onboarding sessions new PhD candidates


Important information mandatory courses PhD trajectory
The EUR doctoral regulations require a PhD candidate to take courses covering the following three mandatory topics during their trajectory:

- Professionalism and integrity in research
- Responsible research data management
- Open science

Our school has combined the latter two into one course: 'Open science and research transparency'. So to cover all three mandatory topics, it suffices to take the courses:

Professionalism and integrity in research
Open science and research transparency

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