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News item The Academy Thermometer
News item The Academy Thermometer

The mental health of academics has received increased attention in recent years. This is because it is under pressure. The Young Academy believes it is important to gain more insight into this and will investigate this with The Academy Thermometer.

Using a survey, consisting of validated questionnaires, we will investigate psychological complaints (depression, anxiety, stress), perceived work/publication pressure, motivation, perceived social safety, perceived support (at the university department and at home) and job satisfaction. The influence of factors such as one’s academic position and having caring responsibilities will also be investigated. These data will provide valuable insights into the mental well-being of academics and the aspects of working in academia that promote or negatively affect mental health. The results will be compared with data from large-scale population surveys in the Netherlands.


The Young Academy invites all academics in the Netherlands to participate in 'The Academy Thermometer'. The questions concern job satisfaction and working conditions, but also work pressure, social safety and possible mental complaints. It also examines the influence of factors such as academic position and whether or not you have care responsibilities. With The Academy Thermometer, The Young Academy wants to provide insights into what is going well and what could be improved: what is needed to make Dutch academia an (even) nicer place to work?

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