Join the course Quantitative and qualitative text analysis with MATLAB


Analysis of textual data, such as interview transcripts, policy documents, and social media content, is common practice within the social sciences, humanities, and other faculties. In this course, you will learn how to do such analysis with the program MATLAB. We will discuss both pre-processing and analysing both quantitative and qualitative textual data.

This online course start on 7 May 2024 and consists of 4 sessions.

It follows a learning-by-doing approach with practical hands-on examples and interactive notebooks. After an introduction of MATLAB’s fundamentals, you will learn to work with the Text Analytics toolbox. For instance, you will learn to work with tokenised and labeled datasets and apply various methods and applications for text analysis research, such as TF-IDF, BagofWords, bagOfNgrams, text-search, word-embeddings, and sentiment analysis. Students are encouraged to bring their own dataset(s) to work on.

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