Join the designathon on Ai in transdisciplinary research!

In cooperation with AICON, Erasmus X and Convergence we are organising a designathon on Ai in transdisciplinary research, titled:

Gaming for cancer research: every cell counts

As an emergent field, cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technologies are evolving rapidly, with a tremendous impact on society and scholarship. Academia, however, is a notoriously slow field due to the high quality of dedicated thinking and scientific rigor. How to keep up with new developments, when research and publishing takes time and how do we adopt new ways of working?

During this Designathon, we are aiming to combine multi-disciplinary approaches within these new possibilities of AI, allowing participants to explore and develop new ways of problem solving. Our main challenge: if we join forces, are we able to design a personalised gaming experience which helps players to make impact by contributing to actual cancer research?



Day 1: Co-creation session | 10 April, 09.00-13.00 hrs
In this session, hosted by Batuhan Keskiner, an educator with an artistic background, an inventory of needs and wishes from participants is made, implementing a bottom-up approach. This session is set in playful creative surroundings to take participants out of their comfort zone and allow them to open up to themselves and to others.

Day 2: Designathon | 14 May, 09.00-17.00 hrs
During this full day hands-on cooking pressure session, we bring together PhD’s with various skills and expertise to collaborate on solving a specific challenge or problem within a limited time frame, using digital tools and creativity as an inspirational catalyst. Participants tackle specific issues and are challenged to look at the case study from different perspectives, get creative and share their knowledge. The designathon is also hosted by Batuhan Keskiner in collaboration with specialist co-facilitators.

For more information and registration, please visit the course page.

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