Join our course 'Diversity and inclusion in academia and beyond, starting 16 May!


The notions of “diversity” and “inclusion” are gaining prominence fast in social, political and academic discourse, and with good reason. Exclusion of categories of people, because of their skin colour, ethnicity, gender or other backgrounds, is a historical abomination which of course cannot be tolerated. But what does it really mean in practice to be diverse and inclusive as an organisation or as an individual?

How can the notions of diversity and inclusion be construed, and how are they implemented in policy at the university and elsewhere? Are there “good” and “bad” forms of inclusion and diversity? And which deeper societal and political discussions and frictions have initiated or ensued from such policies?

We will reflect on all such questions in this course. There will be 3 highly interactive sessions with exercises, group discussions and lectures. 

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