The Netherlands


Mention the Netherlands (or “Holland”) and many people will think of clogs, windmills, and tulips. The Dutch do not mind, but if truth be told, the Netherlands is traditionally a country of commerce and transport.

Consider the following: the earth is home to 8 billion people, making the Dutch population of 17 million seem miniscule by comparison. These 17 million are only 0.22 percent of the world’s population, and yet the Netherlands is still the world’s seventh largest exporting country and Dutch higher education enjoys a worldwide reputation for its high quality.

And did you know the Netherlands was the first non-English-speaking country to offer courses taught in English? And better yet, most people on the street will have no problems speaking English with you as well! Something you will notice in the people’s mentality is that they are outgoing, open-minded, and internationally-oriented. All of this, makes the Netherlands a very exciting country for your exchange!

The Netherlands

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