An introduction to the BIM-SPEED project: energy efficient renovation across the EU

BIM-SPEED is an EU H2020 research project focused on developing a harmonized building information speedway for energy-efficient renovation.

About the project

BIM-SPEED examines the diffusion of innovation and supports increased uptake of digitisation in the building sector, specifically the use of ‘Building Information Modelling’ (BIM) for improving energy efficiency in building renovations.

With the building sector accounting for 40% of the total energy consumption and 36% of CO² emissions in the EU, and most of buildings reaching the age for renovation, there is a major challenge to be addressed on how to improve environmental performance of European building stock. BIM, defined as the process of producing and managing building information during its whole life cycle, is being appointed as the catalyst for the digitalization of the building sector, creating the grounds for a smarter, more sustainable method of deep renovation of the buildings.

Have a look at the explanatory video:

BIM-SPEED project overview

Our role

Erasmus University Rotterdam is responsible for the project dissemination and communication plan, which establish and implement a measurable strategic communication process designed to increase participation in and use of products developed by BIM-SPEED project partners. Jason Pridmore (ESHCC) is the project leader, working in collaboration with ESHCC colleagues Yijing Wang, Vidhi Chaudhri and Marina Machado. Undergraduate student Sanghyun Yun produces social media content for the project.


BIM-SPEED brings together the expertise of 22 partners that are collaborating to provide the housing renovation market with: 1) an affordable BIM cloud platform, 2) tools, and 3) standardised procedures for implementing renovation solutions with a guaranteed energy performance and inhabitants’ comfort.

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